This garden was created in answer to my client’s brief to design an outdoor space with an open feel, but which had shape and structure all year round. They particularly wanted an outdoor entertaining area next to the house which would be large enough to dine outside with friends and family.  We also added a bespoke oak pergola which is planted with vines to provide some shade in the summer.  A raised pool with water falling into a lower pool provides a focal point which can be seen from inside the house as well as from the terrace.  A small herb garden is situated outside the kitchen and a compost area is tucked away in the far corner of the garden.  Subtle lighting illuminates the specimen Birch tree in the centre of the lawn as well as the water feature, the pergola and steps around the garden. Although the house is traditional in style my clients have modern tastes so the design needed to reflect this.

The video below shows how the garden was transformed in the space of one year.