If sculpture is your thing, and you’re around Hampshire in the next few days then I suggest you take the opportunity to visit The Garden Gallery in Broughton, near Stockbridge.

'Voyager', a bronze by Charlotte Mayer FRBS
‘Voyager’, a bronze by Charlotte Mayer FRBS

I’m a regular visitor to the gallery as I always enjoy owner Rachel Bebb’s selections of work which she exhibits every summer.  She shows of a collection of contemporary pieces of varying scale and media (this year’s Summer Exhibition includes pieces in metal and glass as well as stone).

'Crocus Pot' and 'Bronze Pod Pot' by Wendy Hoare
‘Crocus Pot’ and ‘Bronze Pod Pot’ by Wendy Hoare

The outdoor setting is beautiful and I never fail to come away inspired!   Here are just a small selection of pieces in this year’s show ‘The Sculpted Stone’.

'Luna' by Charlotte Mayer FRBS
‘Luna’ by Charlotte Mayer FRBS

Every orchard should have at least one sculpture!  Rachel has a number of pieces by Charlotte Mayer, and I’m a big fan of her work too.

'Assyrian' by Aloysha Moeran
‘Assyrian’ by Aloysha Moeran

Small pieces have their place in any garden.  This beautiful piece is of Green Cumbrian slate and makes a stunning bird bath.

'Senser' by Keith Rand ARBS
‘Senser’ by Keith Rand ARBS

This sculpture by Keith Rand was made of timber from a Cedar of Lebanon. It has a really calming quality, standing in the middle of the lawn on open view.

'Crescent Bench' by Ben Barrell
‘Crescent Bench’ by Ben Barrell

This sculptural bench by Ben Barrell has both a functional and aesthetic purpose.  It’s a gorgeous shape and is seriously tactile.

'Light Flight' by Suzanne Redstone ARBS
‘Light Flight’ by Suzanne Redstone ARBS

‘Light Flight’ by Suzanne Redstone illustrates perfectly the reflective quality of stainless steel.  And the raindrops enhance it too. Perfect for the British climate!

'8 Fish' by Mark Guest
‘8 Fish’ by Mark Guest

I really liked this piece ‘8 Fish’ by Mark Guest – perfect for siting in a garden as you can not only admire the sculpture, but also the view framed through it.

The current summer exhibition ends on Saturday 20th July, but The Garden Gallery is open all year round, and there’s always plenty of work to see. You can visit any time by arrangement and it’s definitely worth a visit.

Picture credits:  Janet Bligh & Firgrove Photographic